Executable Version of the Labview software for the MATACQ boards (lbview not required)   



Before Connecting the MATACQ board (especially with USB) you MUST install the drivers in the PROPER order => Drivers Installation.

        To install the executable version, follow these steps:

Download and Unzip MATACQxxxxxEXE.zip file.

Install the application and the Labview6.0 runtime (absolutely required):

        -execute MATACQxxxxEXE/Installer/Setup/disks/SETUP.EXE

        -follow the instructions.

-launch MATACQxxxx.exe


If you have already installed an exec version of MATACQxxx, you can only replace the old exec file by the MATACQxxxx.exe file located in the MATACQxxxxEXE folder.



“Updated” versions:

MATACQ150708EXE.zip compatible with all card versions (or should be…).

MATACQ290108EXE.zip New version with new histograms: (some bugs with MATACQ14V2 ?)

MATACQ010908EXE.zip New version with new histograms: prefer this one

MATACQ211009EXE.zip News menus. Coincidence trigger added: the best for MATACQ14V2. Not tested with first versions of MATACQ.


If you have only cards without USB interface (MATACQ, MATACQV8, MATACQ32, CAEN card) use the following one :

MATACQ150708EXE_woUSB.zip   similar to the previous one but without USB.


2 “old” versions: