MATACQ Labview code :   


LABVIEW SOFTWARES FOR THE MATACQ BOARDS ( labview 6.0 or more recent version).

First unzip the file you have downloaded. The top vi is in the MATAQVME2.llb library


Updated versions (1,2,3) compatible with all cards.


If you have only cards without USB interface (MATACQ, MATACQV8, MATACQ32, CAEN card): (1,2,3) similar to the previous one but without USB.


Old version (1,3) (see history of versions)


(1) For these softwares the CAEN labview libraries and drivers for V1718-V2718 are required

(2) FTDI and LALUSB drivers are required

(3) Compatible with several GPIB interfaces from National Instruments used with NIDAQ 2.2 or 2.4

It has never been tested with NIDAQ-mx. If it works please send me an EMAIL